The Power of One

Sir Nicholas Winton saved over 600 children from the Holocaust. This ONE man made a choice and Never Flinched when faced with the challenge.Read More...
By : Steve | Apr 1, 2015

Bono Believes

Bono is BOLD enough in his faith to speak the truth. He didn’t ever Flinch when asked about Jesus, Watch! NEVER FLINCH – BeRead More...
By : Steve | Mar 31, 2015

B-E-A-S-T, BEAST !!!

What a Beast! Eddie Hall lifted over 1018 pounds! He didn’t just walk up and pick all that weight off the ground the firstRead More...
By : Steve | Mar 19, 2015

1980 Olympic Champions

I still love this moment in time. I remember I was a freshman in college, watching this in my dorm room with my roomRead More...
By : Steve | Mar 14, 2015

Let Him Run Ronnie! Let Him Run!

You will never really know how far or fast you can run, until you let yourself run. You were born to have a lifeRead More...
By : Steve | Mar 13, 2015

God Never Said That

Bwahahaha, wht if that really happened? We’d have feathers flying all over the place! Go to Lifechurch.tv and check this out. Click here onRead More...
By : Steve | Mar 11, 2015

Go to work with Daddy Day

Little Evie never even flinched Never Flinch – You can do all things, even get up on stage when your three! Like this:Like Loading...
By : Steve | Mar 2, 2015

Laird aint Scared

Check out Laird Hamilton. God gave him a serious talent. This gives, “Give me wax for my Board, keep me surfin’ for the Lord”Read More...
By : Steve | Feb 28, 2015

Crazy to Awesome

I’ve heard it said, that you have to have a “this is CRAZY” moment to ever experience “that was AWESOME.” I don’t recommend catapultingRead More...
By : Steve | Feb 24, 2015

Redefine the Grind

The NFL season is a long, long hard grind, both physically and mentally, especially for a rookie. Rookies have no idea what they areRead More...
By : Steve | Feb 2, 2015

Another Rep

I just finished a Daily Devotional that I named Another Rep, you’re going to like this. Every sport, every musical instrument, reading, doing math,Read More...
By : Steve | Jan 31, 2015


You are only one defining decision away from a totally different life! The two most important days of your life are when you are born…..andRead More...
By : Steve | Jan 28, 2015

Champions Never Flinch

This tweet was taken from Pete Carroll’s post game press conference. Pete Carroll on Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman: "Both those guys were in direRead More...
By : Steve | Jan 19, 2015

Scott Frost Offensive Coordinator at Oregon Football

You will like this! I met Scott when he as playing for us at the Cleveland Browns. Invest 4 minutes to see how Scott coaches hisRead More...
By : Steve | Jan 11, 2015

C’s get you an A

Character, Competency and Chemistry, When building your team start with these three C’s and go from there. Every Coach wants his players to haveRead More...
By : Steve | Jan 7, 2015

Mac Powell

I think you’ll really like this, Mac Powell is the lead singer of Third Day Like this:Like Loading...
By : Steve | Jan 6, 2015