Man of the Year

When you find out your WHY, you find out everything else. Anquan Boldin thought he knew his WHY until he found out WHO wasRead More...
By : Steve | Feb 10, 2016

Gift It Up

It’s inspiring to watch our kids think out loud. I love hearing how these little football players went behind their Coaches back to GIVE!Read More...
By : Steve | Dec 11, 2015

Jaden Hayes

WOW!!! Unbreakable spirit! I’m just going to sit back and smile knowing that I got to share a little Jayden Hayes today. We needRead More...
By : Steve | Nov 17, 2015

Your Job is…

By : Steve | Oct 9, 2015

Danny, lucky to call you friend

A friend of mine, Danny Lotz, second from the left in the picture, got to go to heaven this past week. He and anotherRead More...
By : Steve | Aug 23, 2015


Hard work actually does pay off. It’s difficult to get a full ride college athletic scholarship, and it’s even harder to earn one asRead More...
By : Steve | Aug 23, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson nails it! I edited his talk down from a longer talk on youtube. I love what he says in the firstRead More...
By : Steve | Jun 30, 2015

Sometimes HE shows up and sometimes HE shows off!

From the very first time I read, “Sometimes God shows up and sometimes God shows off!”, I loved it. This is the perfect descriptionRead More...
By : Steve | Jun 10, 2015

He Never Flinched, sure thought about it though

How about this, the Orca nibbles on the end of this guys paddle board. I might have FLINCHED just a tiny, little bit whenRead More...
By : Steve | Jun 3, 2015

Game Shots from Game Spots at Game Speed

Stephen Curry will shoot the lights out every night! I love this clip for all that it says about Stephen Curry, but even moreRead More...
By : Steve | May 8, 2015

American Snapper

Nate Boyer’s story is nice. I think it’s nice because I coach football for a living, but I also think it’s nice because heRead More...
By : Steve | May 4, 2015

Leader Recognized

What an honor to be recognized by your peers, friends, teammates and family for being a selfless and humble leader/servant. Marcus deserves this honor,Read More...
By : Steve | Apr 28, 2015

What will HE think of next?

Isn’t it amazing what we can think of? What we can do? How we can do it? And the amount of trial and errorRead More...
By : Steve | Apr 23, 2015

The Power of One

Sir Nicholas Winton saved over 600 children from the Holocaust. This ONE man made a choice and Never Flinched when faced with the challenge.Read More...
By : Steve | Apr 1, 2015

Bono Believes

Bono is BOLD enough in his faith to speak the truth. He didn’t ever Flinch when asked about Jesus, Watch! NEVER FLINCH – BeRead More...
By : Steve | Mar 31, 2015

B-E-A-S-T, BEAST !!!

What a Beast! Eddie Hall lifted over 1018 pounds! He didn’t just walk up and pick all that weight off the ground the firstRead More...
By : Steve | Mar 19, 2015